The people have the right to know everything that the government knows.

The people own the government. If it is the government’s business, it’s the people’s business.

If it is a secret to the people, then it is not of the government.

In this office, as in all other offices that I may ever seek or hold, I will refuse ALL privileged or secret correspondence. If the information comes to me in the office, I will publish it. All of it.  Immediately. 100% of all correspondence of this office and any other office I ever hold will be published.  It doesn’t matter if it is interesting or not, you have the right to look at it and decide for yourself.  It’s your government.

I will never, under any circumstances, seek or accept any sort of government clearance for secret information. If I am required to keep something secret, then I will announce who it is that required of me, what precisely they required, and the authority under which they required.

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