Hello, my name is Geoff Sebesta, and I’d like to run for Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

I want to run because I want to stand on stage and talk about same-day vote registration, re-enfranchising felons, ranked-choice voting, modern voting security, and government transparency.

I will be running in the Democratic primary.  There are at least two other people running.  The winner will almost certainly be the person who spends the most money.  Let’s not have any illusions about that.  However running has a value all its own.

I can’t promise that I’ll win; that will depend on donors, voters, and fate.  But I can make darn sure that we talk about early voting, about same-day party registration for our closed primary state, about returning the right to vote to felons, about reforming first-past-the-post voting, about blockchain voting security, about the responsibility for perfect governmental transparency in every department, and about the unique genius of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

A comprehensive and interactive version of my campaign platform is available on Facebook. Please comment freely.

It costs $500 to run for office in Kentucky.  All donations up to $500 will be used for the filing fee, all donations past $500 will be used for promotion of the campaign.  I strongly intend to run the campaign with the coolest swag.

My Gofundmepage is here: https://www.gofundme.com/sebesta-for-secretary-of-the-state-of-kentucky

Bitcoin donations can be sent here: 1Ct5WdY3BjNEbeeuPrZCc6PSMFRnLkfkz7

Paypal donations:

Please comment below if you would like to contact me directly, if you would like to volunteer, if you would like to put a sign up at your house, or if you would like me to send promotional materials to you. Thanks!

This is me, Geoff Sebesta, my wife Gewel Kafka, and our kids Amelia and Arthur Kafka-Sebesta.


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